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How Penis Exercises Work

How Penis Exercises Enlarge The Penis

Penis exercises enlarge the penis in a similar way to how a body builder builds muscle. It takes time and effort to meet your goals, but in the end the results look incredible.

In order to understand how penis exercises are able to enlarge the penis it is important to know how an erection works. The bulk of an erection is made up of two spongy chambers called the corpora cavernosum. During an erection these chambers fill up with blood causing your penis to become big and stiff.

PenisAccess™ increases penis size by promoting cell division within the corpora cavernosum. This process actually occurs during the rest period but is initiated during the penis exercise itself. When performing a penis stretch or jelq, the penile tissue is stressed and little gaps appear between cells. During the rest period, these gaps are filled via cellular division.

The result is a longer and wider penis in both the flaccid and erect state.

How Penis Exercises Improve Ejaculation Control

The penis is very similar to a tool, in the sense that you use it to achieve something, and the more you use it the better you get at achieving your goal.

Penis exercises make you more comfortable and experienced with your penis which in turn gives you greater ejaculation control. In fact, our satisfied customers have reported a noticeable improvement in premature ejaculation in just 14 days.

Penis exercises give you greater ejaculation control by stimulating muscles within the pelvic region which would normally go underdeveloped. These muscles allow you to control ejaculations and last longer in bed.

How Penis Exercises Increase Orgasm Intensity

The biggest factor affecting orgasm intensity is the build-up of sensation before the big moment. The longer you can last without ejaculating while still remaining aroused, the greater your orgasm will be. The PC muscle also plays an important role as it contracts during orgams.

By building greater ejaculation control and strengthening the PC muscle, penis exercises are able to improve orgasm quality. PenisAccess™ helps you enjoy sex more than ever before, while at the same time making it much more enjoyable for your partner.

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